Have you ever wondered if the supplements you take are worth it or if they are the right fit for you?  We all want better health, and we know that good nutrition POWERS better health. So how can you maximize good nutrition?  Supplements may be a way to enhance what your body needs to perform better.

A food-first approach is key, but often a personalized supplement plan can provide additional health benefits for you. 

When it comes to supplements, your needs are unique as you are.

To help you decide the best supplement regimen:

  • We can look at what you already get from your diet.
  • Evaluate the supplements you already may be taking.
  • Aim for the health goals you are looking to achieve along with alleviating symptoms that may be due to nutrient deficiencies.  
  • Decide if functional nutrition labs would be helpful for you to determine best supplement combinations for you.

We help people choose the safest, most effective, economical supplements to compliment the diet.  We can use some of the brands and types you already use or access the discounts I get on hundreds of reputable brands through my easy, economical Fullscript dispensary.  No pressure to use but always an option. 


1).  Supplements can help prevent nutrition gaps -  High quality supplements are a way to get in the nutrients we may not get from our food.

2).  Supplements can help (re)fill nutrition needs - our bodies use up nutrients all the time, sometimes becoming deficient.  Replenishing a deficiency is key to staying healthy, having better energy and the tools the body needs to run better.

3).  Not all supplements are created equal and following evidence based recommendations for individualized amounts is best practice.

4).  Supplements can help address a health issue - whether taking medications or choosing to address health challenges with nutrients, better supplements can be part of your better therapeutic nutrition plan, ideally developed with your practitioner. Always share your current supplements with your registered dietitian nutritionist and all your healthcare practitioners.



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