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Nutrition Classes & Programs

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to schedule a 30 minute visit - as a parent.

This class for parents will give you ideas on how to support your teen/young adult:

  • Learn how the "nutrition piece"  is vital to supporting mental health.  

  • What nutrients/ foods support mental health? What nutrition labs or supplements could be helpful.

  • Enhancing the immune system - especially if away at college. 

  • What can you do as a parent to support your teen's nutrition & wellness.

  • How does Jen coach and empower teens/young adults to address nutrition along with other wellness habits.

  • Does your teen think about food way to much? What are the risk factors of disordered eating and how can this be "fiercely protected".

  • Jen gives parents some guidance on how to navigate “diet culture” and to gently support body confidence and a healthy way to relate to food. 

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Healthy Weight and  Breaking Through a Plateau

$35.00 with Jen Sletten

 Tuesday June 11th at 4:30

Do you already eat "reasonable" and wonder why you're not losing weight?  Are you looking for a way to "biohack" and improve your metabolism?  Have you ever wondered about nutrients that can support your weight loss efforts or is there a more effective way to exercise for fat loss?  Are you seeing all the ads now for weight loss meds like Ozempic/Wegovy or CGM (glucose monitoring, or Noom) and wonder if any of those routes could work and are they even safe for you?  Come to this overview from an expert on all the "pieces" pictured above here at STRONGER and walk away with what can work best for you for enhancing your healthy weight efforts.

Register Feb 24th 10:00

May 14th 5:30pm

$ 35.00 with Kim Maxwell


Learn about the hormones involved in fat loss and how to eat to optimize your hormones for weight loss success.  You will receive a 5 day Healthy Hormone Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping List to help guide you in eating for hormone health.

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Get several tips and recipes to manage insulin and blood sugars.  There is indeed a link between insulin and healthy weight - Learn More!

Also - find out about using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to enhance your weight loss and wellness efforts.

Tracking your glucose levels to learn when storing fat or "burning" fat.

Regulating glucose (and insulin) levels can help with weight loss, reducing inflammation, and prevention of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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